Healthy Fruits to Eat to Lose Weight

For you to lose weight in a healthy and quick way, you need to consume fewer calories. Medical experts continue to point out that fruits are indeed the healthiest weight loss foods. They recommend them for weight loss programs because they are low in calories and energy density.

The following are some of the fruits that have been termed as “superfoods” to reduce your weight healthily:


When dieting to lose weight, one of the main goals is to have an intake of foods that have few calories and at the same “filling”. Fruits that have high fibre, water content and low in fat can serve this purpose very well.

All berry species are just one of the fruits to look out for. However, it is important to understand that berries have been cited to cause some drawbacks such as diarrhea and weakening the immune system.


Apples too have high fibre content, with every medium sized apple containing about 4.5 grams of daily value. Ensure to eat unpeeled apples since a huge percentage of the fibre content is concentrated on the peel.

People who ate unpeeled apples were found to lose more weight compared to those who ate peeled ones, in a certain credible research undertaken recently. Like berries, apples too have been reported to have some setbacks which include stomachaches and allergies.


Oranges are low calorie fruits despite having a sweet taste, which helps in creating a deficit in the amount of calorie to the body. An entire orange from Valencia was found to contain just 60 calories. Oranges also contain natural sugars that are great energy sources for the muscles and brain and at the same time aiding significantly in losing weight.

Despite having low calorie content, oranges are relatively very low in fibre. Hence, replacing them with high fibre foods could be very detrimental for your general health and weight loss.

In general, most whole fruits have the potential of slicing down the pounds in a very healthy manner. However, berries have been cited as the best fruits to rely on in your quest to lose weight.

Their characteristic low calorie levels and high fibre density are the major reasons why they are a preference to many. They are easy to get in the market and they are also quite cheap compared to the fruits for weight loss.

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